Lifestyle support

To support your health it is crucial to recognize that nutrition, hydration and daily choices have impacts on your energy and wellness. I may make simple suggestions to encourage healthy eating habits. We get our energy from several sources in East Asian medicine, but a crucial source is the food that we eat. I will be your partner in helping you identify possible areas of concern in your lifestyle and in building a greater awareness of the impacts of food and water on your body. For example, almost everyone who walks into my treatment room isn’t drinking enough water. This is so simple, but it is also incredibly fundamental to your health! Building a hydration plan is a tangible daily practice that is likely to have significant beneficial impacts.

Other lifestyle supports come from reflection and learnings from the medicine. Here’s a quick example: One of the most common blocks that I detect on the pulses is a block between the small intestine and the bladder meridian. This block can be cleared by needling what is called the exit point on the small intestine meridian and the entry point on the bladder meridian. Once cleared, clients generally feel immediately better, though they may not be able to articulate exactly how. It’s typically a sense of relief, like something was not quite right before but now feels released. That’s great! But it is also helpful to know that the Small Intestine meridian is responsible for sorting information and this block we sometimes call the “I’ve seen too much and heard too much” block. This can lead to an interesting conversation about what has felt like too much and how to put in place lifestyle supports that might mitigate that sense of overwhelm.

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