I scheduled my first visit eight years ago with Amanda when I was trying to rid my system of an SSRI (anti-anxiety medication).  The dizziness was interfering with my daily activities.  Within a short period of time, I began to stabilize and also realize how beneficial five Element Acupuncture was for how I was feeling altogether. 

I continue to see Amanda because she takes the time to talk through a checklist of areas beyond my anxiety every time I see her.  She gets to the root of any issue I may be facing, whether physical or conceptual. 

I continue to choose Amanda because she remembers what is important to me and helps me develop a plan to continuously improve my habits and thought processes to accompany the restorative treatment that she provides. I am certain I would need medication if I stopped seeing Amanda.

— A.L.

Amanda is a gifted acupuncturist who brings compassion and skill to every session. I always leave a session with Amanda feeling more balanced and in awe of how much can shift emotionally and physically in one session with her. I have struggled with infertility for years and it was incredibly helpful to have Amanda be on our team as we went through the difficult process of IVF. My body was undergoing many shifts during IVF and acupuncture helped me to feel not only balanced, but that I had enough energy to continue on this difficult journey. I continue to see Amanda for other ailments and issues and find that she meets me each time where I am at, this is truly unique and keeps me coming back.

— M.R.

I first started going to Amanda for headaches. I was not convinced that acupuncture would work for this but I was willing to give it a chance. I had tried chiropractics, massage and diet changes, but still migraines were a regular part of my life. Upon my visit, Amanda made me feel comfortable and completed a full evaluation. I felt like she understood me. To my surprise, the needles did not hurt at all. I used to be afraid of needles. After my first appointment my migraines have gone away. Really. I visit Amanda for all types of issues now and find that everything from tiredness to pain has been able to be fixed. She truly is a miracle worker with needles.

— K.E.

How did I feel after my my first treatment? The short answer is that I felt great afterwards. A little sleepy, but I slept very well and have had very little back pain since then. Actually, my back feels better than it has since October. It’s been amazingly freeing and relaxing just not to be in pain and to be able to work for a whole day without getting sore. Thank you so much!

— R.S.

I feel great after acupuncture! Very balanced, calm and peaceful, yet brimming with good energy. Sometimes I get a treatment because I’m not feeling well, usually due to some inflammation, and the acupuncture with Amanda is extremely effective in halting the process of inflammation. The pain is gone! Other times, I’m just there to enjoy a support treatment to my body. And I walk away feeling wonderful. In the past, I’ve always gotten the fall colds and other minor immune system ailments like cold sores, or problems with allergies, but having regular acupuncture helps my body stay well and happy. Plus, I like talking to Amanda! She’s a wise and gentle soul (with a Ninja element mixed in there)!

— Andrea O.

I am writing to thank you and to tell you how incredibly positive my first acupuncture treatment with you was. I’ve seen many different practitioners over the years, but my experience with you was quite unique. I am so grateful for the kindness and generosity you’ve shown me since our first conversation. I also really appreciate the time you took asking into various aspects of my health and life as well as how intently you listened to what I had to say. The combination made me feel you really cared and understood that it was all connected. Through your professionalism and deliberateness it’s obvious that you take your work very seriously. All of this has meant a great deal to me at a challenging time and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so very much! I am also happy to report that I’ve been feeling great since my treatment! The achy back and wrist that I’ve been feeling for months have been pain free. Amazing! Perhaps even better though is the renewed sense of peace and wellbeing I’ve experienced since our session. My energy has increased and I definitely feel like I’ve had a more positive outlook in general. My sincerest thanks!

— K.F.

Amanda Goossen successfully helps energy flow in my body, addressing neck pain, concentration, allergies and even a broken foot! She inquires using a holistic approach; she does not simply cure the symptom. I’m so happy and thankful to know about Amanda’s practice. We are lucky to have her in Vermont!

— A.B.

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